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Provisional Driving License

Your provisional license is the very beginning of your driving experience and is a requirement before you start driving lessons. Apply here

For those keen to get started you may apply for your provisional driving license up to three months before your 17th birthday, however your license will not be valid, and driving lessons cannot begin, until you are actually 17 years old.

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Your Eyesight

Before you start learning to drive, your instructor will check your eye sight (as will be done at the start of your actual driving test).

Make sure your eyesight (with glasses or contact lenses) is good enough to read a number plate from a distance of about five car lengths away.

Get started early

Even before you are seventeen years old, you should start learning the Highway Code.

Whilst you are a passenger in a vehicle, look at the road ahead and imagine you were driving. What potential hazards are there? How often does the driver use their mirrors? How early do you think they should indicate? ...

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